Who we are and what we do


About Us

2LVS Fashion House is a Toronto based, Brand Management company; we provide Marketing, Sales, Merchandising, and Distribution support to New and Start-up Fashion Brands. This is done through a partnership structure, that fills in the gaps needed by designers to build, and grow a sustainable Fashion Business.

Our goal, is to help designers make money doing what they were born to do. 

What we do:

We're the business to your creative, the business partners that help get your creative vision to market.

We take responsibilities for the other aspects of the business; like Sales, Marketing, Merchandising, and Distribution. What you put in regarding time, design, and product development; we put in regarding our responsibilities.

Just like any real business partner, we're in this together; we fail or succeed together. We only succeed if you do, and we only make money if you do. 

How we do it

We don’t ask for a fee, tell you what to do, how to get it done according to us; and sending you on your way with our best wishes.

Instead, we partner up with you in exchange for an equity stake in the brand; this makes us just as responsible for the brand's success  as you are…just like any good business partner, we're in this together.

Here's what we know and understand about the fashion business

  • We understand that you being creative, designing, and coming up with new products, is the most important part of the business; as there is no business without it.

  • We know It takes a lot of time and hard work to get a design from idea to a finished product.
  • We understand that if you're busy doing sales, marketing and merchandising, you're not busy designing; which is the most important part of the business.
  • And finally, we know you can't do everything.

So as the designer, we want you to focus on what you do best; coming up with amazing new designs and must haves. So we can do what  we do best, all the other stuff.

Important stuff

Before taking on a new partner, it's important to make sure we're a good match. So let's talk about your vision for the Brand, and where you want to go with the business. 

If we're a good fit; we can develop a plan on how to get there together, divide the responsibilities based on our strengths, and get some shit done.

We know you have question; and luckily, we have answers.

Reach out; maybe we can help.